Under The Localism Act 2011, local communities have the right to develop Neighbourhood Plans detailing the community's views relating to planning issues.   Neighbourhood Plans must conform to all other legisation relating to planning (ie the National Planning Policy Framework and the local authority's adopted planning policies) and promote Sustainable Development, ensuring that better lives for ourselves does not mean worse lives for future generations.

At a parish council meeting on 14 November 2012, following representations by local residents, Parish Councillors agreed to support the development of a Neighbourhood Plan to help the parish Council to determine the priorities for the parishes hoping that the process would also encourage active community involvement in parish matters and add social cohesion to a dispersed rural community.  

After nearly 3 years hard work led by a dedicated Steering Committee, the VIA Neighbourhood Plan was passed at referendum on 15 October 2015 and thus became part of the body of planning policies that guide development within the parishes.

IAA PC Neighbourhood Development Plan for the period 1 April 2014 to 31 March 2028 can be found here.  

The Examiner's report, Steering Committee Minutes, Questionnaire analysis and all the supporting documents for this plan can be found on the AVBC website here.

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