The council is committed to the preservation of the rural and picturesque setting of the parish.  It works to that end by commenting on planning applications and monitoring the state of the footpaths; the lanes; the drainage and overall appearance of the countryside.  Areas requiring attention, along with reports of fly-tipping and litter, are brought to the notice of the Borough and District Councils for rectification.    It implements the agreed plans and projects raised at the Annual Parish Meetings and carries forward matters of concern raised by members of the community, particularly speeding through the village.  In the past this has been in cooperation with the Belper and District Road Safety Committee but this organisation was disbanded in the autumn of 2016. The council is currently awaiting details of a new police led Speed Watch scheme.  

The council meets bi-monthly usually on the second Wednesday of the month starting with its Annual Meeting in May.  This meeting follows the Annual Parish Meeting and is held in the Alton Room of St James' Church.  Other council meetings are usually held at the Village Corn Store starting at 7pm.

However, due to the Coronavirus epidemic, meetings are temporarily being held by video conferencing. Members of the public and press are welcome to attend and should contact the Clerk for details.  

The schedule of council meetings for 2020/21 can be found here.  Any change to the day or time of a meeting is decided a week beforehand.  

The Council serves the needs and interests of the Parish.  Special requests, suggestions or requirements should be addressed to the Clerk for action or for discussion at a council meeting.  Agendas are posted on the council's notice boards and website 7 days prior to the meeting and draft Minutes are published shortly after the meeting in the same way.

Council meetings are run according to rules set out in its 'Standing Orders'.  These are based on those recommended by the National Association of Local Councils and reviewed annually to ensure they remain appropriate.  The latest version adopted at the council meeting held on 13 May 2020  can be found here. The amendments adopted at the meeting on 13 May 2020 needed to allow for meetings to be held remotely can be found here

Idridgehay, Alton and Ashleyhay Parish Council (iaa-pc) is committed to ensuring that all its members receive adequate training to carry out their duties as Parish Councillors.

Training will be supported by the suitable allocation of funds on an annual basis from the Council's budget.

The Parish Clerk and Chairperson are responsible for identifying training opportunities and bringing them to the attention of the Parish Council.

Parish Councillors should endeavour to make themselves available for training courses that are recommended by the Clerk and Chairperson.

All new members are to be supplied with "The Good Councillor's Guide".

The Parish Clerk must attend all suitable courses required to carry out the required functions of their office.  They are required to hold the Certificate of Local Council Administration (CiLCA) or The Certificate of Higher Education in Local Policy or Local Council Administration awarded by the University of Gloucestershire.

The Parish is committed to ongoing development of all its members and will endeavour to support them in their continuing development as councillors where is is deemed necessary and relevant by the Parish Clerk and Chairperson.

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